PowerPoint vs. Sway – why not both?

Sway has been around for a number of years, and is an application I use quite frequently. My relationship with Sway wasn’t positive at the beginning, because while it is a relatively simple tool to use – I initially felt you needed to be more of a creative person to get the most out of it.

A tool I absolutely love and would prefer to spend most of my days with is PowerPoint. With the Design Ideas feature in PowerPoint powered by Office 365, my presentations now pop more than before.

So which would I use? PowerPoint with it’s cloud-powered design capabilities, or Sway which allows me to create persistent and visually rich online presentations?

The answer is both. Ultimately it comes down to the purpose, audience, lifespan and interactivity of the content I am creating. However one thing I’ve been doing for the past two years is to combine the visual creation capabilities of PowerPoint, such as Smart Art and Design Ideas, with Sway itself.

The video below shows how I can create a visually appealing presentation in PowerPoint and then bring it across to Sway for a better online experience.

While Word (both on the desktop and web) already has the capability to “transform” documents into Sway, the same functionality doesn’t yet exist in PowerPoint. I’m told by the product team that it’s coming, however has been delayed due to other priorities and areas of focus – but it is coming.

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