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It’s no secret that we live in a world where we are bombarded with potential distractions at every turn, whether in our working or personal lives – which have been blurred into one over the past year.

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My wife Megan and I are no strangers to working from home, home schooling, having multiple work personas as we are both MVPs, consultants by day, and working with multiple clients on varying projects.

You might be thinking this doesn’t sound too different from your own life – and you’re probably right. However, with the addition of being a neurodiverse household we face extra challenges on a daily basis – both within ourselves as well as externally.

Thankfully the tools we use for work (and help our clients with) are also the same ones we use to great effect in our personal lives.

Next week at Microsoft Ignite we’ll be presenting a session on how Microsoft 365 products supported by good practices help with varying degrees of problems we face.

Make sure you register online, it’s free!

For those in Australia, the session will be on Thursday the 4th of March at 3:30 – 4pm AEDT.

You can access the session and register here.

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