Governance & Adoption: making the marriage work

Last week I co-presented with my wife Megan Strant at the Digital Workplace Conference in Sydney, Australia on the topic of governance and adoption in Office 365.

Being a married couple, we were able to use the play on words to show how like a marriage, governance and adoption need to work together at all times.

Often with the organisations we work with, Megan and I will see a disparity between governance and adoption. Often one is more dominant than the other, which leads to an imbalanced working environment.

If governance is too strong or adoption is an afterthought, the resulting user experience is too limiting and becomes difficult to work with; leading to end-user frustration.

If adoption is the focus and governance is not addressed, the platform becomes structurally unsound and leads to user confusion as there is no clarity on what to use when, and how.

Unfortunately the session wasn’t recorded, but you can access our slides here:

Can you delete the Teams app from Microsoft Teams?

Recently I wrote a blog explaining how it was possible to have people use Microsoft Teams, but not actually use the teamwork capabilities – as that is where most organisations I speak to tend to struggle.

A few people on social platforms saw my suggestion and raised the potential to delete the “Teams” app from within Microsoft Teams, however it was at was just a theory.

Over on the Insync Technology blog I accepted this challenge and sought to delete the “Teams” app, and unlike clickbait the results won’t necessarily amaze you.

Read on…

UPDATE 15/06: Since writing this blog post I discovered (as well as by a few people letting me know) that the app isn’t actually deleted, it’s hidden from view and can be accessed via the elipsis where the other apps are. Because of this it’s best to use this in conjunction with the first method I listed as well.