Are they on Office 365 or Google Apps?

While Office 365 and Google Apps foster productivity and promote external access, one thing they don’t do is play well with each other – and that’s understandable.

However as more and more organisations move to the cloud they are generally choosing one or the other for their business productivity.

While I’m not a fan of Google Apps, and especially receiving emails using Times New Roman from their users – the thing that disappoints me the most is that Lync Online and Google Talk don’t actually talk or link (pun intended) with each other.

If using Lync Server on-premises you can install a XMPP gateway and federate with Google Talk users that way, however this is not an option for users on Office 365.

So instead of adding them to your contact list and wondering why your business partner / customer / supplier never changes from “Presence unknown” – you can go a step further and see if they are even on the same platform first.

The guys at Paradyne have built a nifty tool that performs a cursory check to see if the domain you specify is on Office 365 or Google Apps by looking at the MX record.

Check it out here –