Microsoft Teams case study: PelicanCorp

One of my earliest clients from the days of Paradyne has been keeping up to date with the trends in Office 365. I knew they had gone down the Microsoft Teams journey on their own so thought I’d have a chat about their experiences – both good and bad.

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Moving to the cloud is a process, not an overnight task

Having worked with many organisations of various sizes I often am asked the questions:
– “how long will it take to be in the cloud?”
– “do we have to put everything in the cloud?”

The answers are:
– as long as a piece of string
– no

Why is this? Because moving to the cloud is a journey – not a simple migration.
Certainly moving functions like email can happen quickly, but moving from a traditional file system to something like SharePoint Online is not a change users can adapt to overnight.

In my latest piece on BoxFreeIT I talk about how moving to the cloud is a journey and doesn’t necessarily end with just Office 365.