Microsoft, PRISM and misinformation

One of the few things you can believe about the Internet – is that a lot of what you read online is false / untrue / incorrect.

With the recent PRISM scandal there has been much publicity around tech giants releasing information to the NSA or providing backdoors through systems.

Yesterday Microsoft released an update blog stating their position on PRISM and federal requests for information:

Hopefully that sets a few people straight in the media.

Securing email in Office 365

More and more customers flock to Office 365 as the old view of an untrustworthy Microsoft disappears into the history of the 90s.

Unfortunately however there are still reasons that prevent organisations from moving to hosted Exchange solutions such as Office 365 – however that has realistically been reduced to two main roadblocks:

– latency

– data sovereignty/residency and control

In some situations there is no limitation placed upon organisations for where their data sits physically in the world, however there is an onus of control placed upon them for regulatory or other compliance reasons. In other instances where data sovereignty/residency are an issue – this is sometimes due to the limitation of the understanding of “cloud” by the auditor or policy writer.

Last week my company Paradyne announced a partnership with Vaultive to offer it’s Exchange encryption solution to our customers in Australia and abroad.

Why do we need a 3rd party encryption solution when Microsoft already encrypts Exchange Online information using BitLocker and makes Rights Management Service (RMS) available?

Sometimes organisations need more control – they need to control the keys to the data. And that is what Vaultive offers.

If this is an issue for you then I strongly recommend you read the whitepaper on how this solution enables more organisations to move to the cloud securely – and under their own control.