Death to StaffHub, long live Shifts in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft StaffHub has barely turned 2, and already it is being replaced. Well, kind of. StaffHub is being retired as a standalone app and is beginning life anew as Shifts in Microsoft Teams.

In a nutshell it offers the same functionality as StaffHub did before, but now provides a more integrated experience by having one less app to switch between and use.

You can read more in my latest blog for AvePoint: Empowering Your Employees: Everything You Need to Know About Shifts in Microsoft Teams

And you can also catch fellow MVP Alistair Pugin and myself talking about it in the latest episode of 365 Unplugged:

Speaking at the Digital Workplace Conference

The topic I’m presenting on will be the most hotly discussed, debated, confused, and important areas of Office 365: Groups.

Groups are at the heart of how things get done in Office 365 – they connect to Teams, StaffHub, SharePoint, and Yammer.

Navigating Office 365 Groups can be challenging when it comes to allowing users to create their own, managing how they get created in the first place, and trying to control the chaos that Groups can bring.

In this session attendees will learn how to successfully implement Office 365 Groups in your organisation – ensuring compliance, security, and successful user adoption.

If you’re in Sydney or even Australia for that matter – come along! I may also be giving away two tickets to attend, so stay tuned for that competition!