Don’t let your email control you

Those who know me well know that I work A LOT! I spend a good portion of my awake time in Outlook or on a device accessing my email. Between my four different email accounts (Paradyne, Xstran, Microsoft, personal) I receive approximately 200 new emails per day. About 60% of those are newsletters or distribution lists, however I still go through every one of them.

How do I get any work done? A few key ingredients help me with this. The first is that I read at 7x faster than average (I can do 10x but I start to lose context). The second is that I’m a touch-typer with an average of 70 words per minute (I’ve been clocked at 104 but make mistakes). The third and most important is that I control my email – as opposed to letting it control me.

That entails me closing Outlook when I need to focus, turning off desktop alerts/chimes, setting rules for any email that doesn’t have my name in the TO field, and setting my mobile devices to manual synchronisation.

In my latest piece for Dynamic Business I talk about how to achieve balance by checking email just 4 times a day. Hard to imagine, but possible!

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  1. Hi,

    Emails can really be a massive distraction, specially to your daily workflow.

    What I have noticed through my years in the industry is how much newsletters and scam emails have increased in volume.

    Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do about scam emails, as they are always different and if you aren’t able to tweak your spam levels, it makes it harder.

    As for newsletters, the number of people that simply delete the emails amazes me and wonder why they keep on coming back. A lot of people even though have been educated on the subject, do not remove their subscription.

    Another issue is when you go to unsubscribe, that they either only remove you from one section, or they change the wording so if you tick the box, you stay subscribed to their newsletters.

    I really don’t understand why so much scam/spam emails are sent out and why these people waste their times……. as if a priest from Ghana or so, would email you directly asking you for money as he is a long lost relative (the likelihood is rather small)

    Rant over 🙂

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