Focus on Functionality: keep your Lync contact list clean

Over time our Lync contact lists can become full of contacts who are no longer functional due to either their email/SIP address changing or because they just don’t work there any more.

If you use Lync Online like me, you may not be aware that despite the Lync 2010 application supporting a contact list of 1,000 people – this is restricted back to 250 for Lync Online users. Alternatively your IT department has implemented a policy to restrict the maximum amount of contacts for your on-premises or hosted version of Lync Server.

I have hit the 250 contact limit a few times now, which requires me to cull my contact list before I can add anyone else. To simplify this task I’ve had the Lync Contact Cleaner by Xstran created to help with the process of keeping contact lists looking trim and terrific.

A free download, the tool is simple in use – it scans your contact list and displays anyone who comes back with the status of Presence Unknown. You’re then given the option to select users to remove from the contact list, or remove them all.

Something to be aware of is that contacts may show up as Presence Unknown if the remote Lync Server is not contactable or simply does not display the contacts presence in time – so use with caution.



    1. Not sure Pablo – it’s not a scenario we were able to test in development. I’d appreciate your (or anyone’s) feedback on this.

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