Cleaning up the clutter in Office 365

Various tech vendors and research companies have been telling us one thing consistently over the years: demand for storage is increasing.

While a lot of this is because of new ways to create content such as video, as well as the numerous places that content can exist; a lot of it is digital wastage.

Now we could talk about how social networks in general create a lot of digital waste, but that’s a conversation for another time. 🙂

Instead let’s have a look at how much digital wastage exists in our daily lives using tools like Office 365. This exists in a number of different forms:

  • emails
  • files in OneDrive
  • files in multiple SharePoint sites / Office 365 Groups
  • Sways
  • Forms
  • Power BI
  • Teams chats
  • and so on

In my latest blog for AvePoint, I list out 4 tips for managing your clutter in Office 365 covering just some of these areas.

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