How Microsoft partners need to evolve in the new “digital” world

Digital transformation, digital workplace, workplace, activity-based working, future ways of working, cloud, consumerisation of IT, and many more terms swirl around us in the technology industry on a daily basis.

Managers want their employees to work more “digitally”, employees want their organisation to catch up with technology trends.

IT firms have been told to become a “Managed Service Provider” (MSP) by their vendors for well over a decade, and most have embraced this well. But a change is coming. In fact the change is already here.

Much like the mainstreaming of cloud services took away revenue from traditional server deployment and upgrade projects, so too will commodity technology services as vendors offer their own technology onboarding & migration services and tools. The role of a traditional IT partner is getting squeezed out of its traditional comfort zone.

As someone who went through several transformations with my own partner business and now spends time working independently advising and working with other partners, I wanted to share my insights and views on what partners face in the modern era, and what I believe they need to do in order to continue their own evolution to meet new and future demands of their customers both from the sales cycle as well as technology and user needs.

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