Organisational ownership of Microsoft 365 is not so straightforward

As Microsoft Office server products moved to the cloud initially under BPOS and then Office 365, the ownership, responsibility and roadmap was driven by IT departments – as they were effectively just cloud versions of on-premises infrastructure.

However over the past few years as more and more user-centric apps and services have been added to the portfolio the same decision-making and approaches are not necessarily the best ones going forward.

In my two-part blog series for Enow Software I look at who owns Microsoft 365 within organisations, as well as within IT departments.

You can read part 1 here, and part 2 here.

Additionally, fellow MVP (and my wife) Megan Strant and I are presented a webinar on the evolution of thinking, the challenges for organisations, and what they can do to change their approaches around Microsoft 365. You can watch the recording here.

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