SharePoint is NOT a file system

I wrote an article a few months ago that appeared in Australian Reseller News about what Microsoft partners need to think about with SharePoint Online as quite commonly I heard them refer to it as a file storage or document management system. You can read the article at the ARN website (annoyingly the cut it short due to word count limitations and damaged the context and ending).

Quite often when speaking with prospective customers they tell me about their gigabytes of data dating back many years, and so when the topic of storage space in SharePoint Online comes up they immediately find the storage limitations and pricing unattractive. So each time I go through the process of educating them about that SharePoint is not a file system, and that SharePoint Online is the same as raw disk services such as DropBox, and myriad of other services popping up every 5 minutes.

So I sat down and re-wrote the article to be more aimed at customers, looking back at their IT partners. You can read it here at BoxFreeIT.

Got Lync Online? Federate!

I’ve been using federation for a long time. So long in fact that several versions before we had Lync Online there was a product called Microsoft Office Live Communications Server 2005 (LCS).
Personally I started my Microsoft cloud journey with BPOS (the predecessor to Office 365) as one of the components was Office Communications Online – the cloud version of Office Communications Server 2007 (the upgrade to LCS).
Hopefully I haven’t lost you yet. 🙂
So one of Lync’s most powerful features is the ability to federate with users outside of your own organisation, however customers of Office 365 are generally only told about this feature during the sales process and possibly post-migration training.

Today’s article on BoxFreeIT is about a fantastic free tool which searches your Outlook contacts and lets you know who you can communicate with via Lync. Read on here: