People are still confused about Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams

In working with organisations on a regular basis as well as talking with other IT pros in the community across various social platforms, the confusion still exists.

Recently on the AvePoint blog I re-visited the piece I wrote 18 months ago talking about the confusion between Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams, what’s changed since then and sharing some learnings and experiences.

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How to keep email signatures out of Teams and Yammer

While Teams and Yammer provide us a way to communicate without email, sometimes we still need to connect the conversation threads together.

Already in Teams we can surface Yammer threads, and in both products we can send emails in to become a thread in those platforms.

The problem is that when sending an email in to Teams or Yammer the entire content of the email goes across. This is most annoying when any email you create attaches an email signature – which generally occurs in Outlook be it desktop, mobile or web.

Effectively what your colleagues will see is a thread that starts with your email signature – at which point many people will stop reading as there is no context.

Using Exchange transport rules you can actually exclude email signatures from going along with your email to Yammer or Teams, however the requirement is that your signatures are applied by a cloud-based service on transit – and not by Outlook itself.

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