New Sync Capabilities for Connected Accounts

A common issue we’ve heard about with the Connected accounts feature of Exchange Online is the fact that it was hard set to only check email once per hour – and there was no way to change this.

Recently an engineering fix was put in place to improve this:

– automatic sync when you sign in to the Outlook Web App

– faster sync schedule

– on-demand sync via the Refresh button in the Outlook Web App

You can read more here:

New PowerShell cmdlets available for BPOS

The 4 new PowerShell cmdlets are finally available. They allow you to:
– enable/disable POP3 for an Exchange Online user
– set/remove alternate recipients on an Exchange Online user

Our list of available PowerShell commands has now been updated to include the links for these commands.
In order to get access to the updated cmdlets you will need to download the latest copy of the Microsoft Online Services Migration Tools.