Make your own backups of Exchange Online mailboxes

Key among many of the benefits of Exchange Online as part of Office 365 is the backup & disaster recovery functionality that is part of the service.
Most people are appeased when reading the Office 365 Service Descriptions to know that Microsoft will look after their data for them.

There will always be the odd few people who are happy to go all in to the cloud but still want to maintain their own mailbox backups. Call them old fashioned, paranoid, or just extremely cautious – there aren’t any easy ways to perform backups against Exchange Online unless you build your own application calling Exchange Web Services and drawing down the data that way.

The mumblings of one of these old fashioned / paranoid / cautious people got me thinking, which got me Binging and to my amazement I found a pretty solution packaged up in some freeware!
The product is called MailStore Home and is simple and easy to use, and is free for non-commercial use. There is also a paid server version for those who want to use it in their corporate environments.

While I put my faith in Microsoft to look after the integrity of my mailbox data – for those that don’t (and really are you “all in” if you don’t want to?) there’s your solution.