Are partners ready for the transition from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams?

I’ve written a few times about how Microsoft Teams is changing things. It’s changing how customers think, how they work as a team, and how they interact with their applications.

But can Microsoft partners keep pace? An inside joke amongst some partners is that they only need to stay a page ahead of the customer – which is getting harder these days with so much information readily available.

Many partners have struggled enough making Office 365 work for them, and in many cases that’s still tied to traditional project servers around migration and implementation. While Microsoft Teams needs an element of those – the biggest thing it needs is a new way of selling and delivering by partners.

In my latest piece for CRN Australia I talk about what I think this change really means for Microsoft partners:

Using Exclaimer for cloud-based email signatures

A few years ago I wrote a blog piece called How to add signatures and disclaimers in Exchange Online. This utilised the out of the box capabilities of Exchange Online and for the most part was relatively functional.

At the time I knew that Exclaimer and other similar solutions existed to provide a more unified signature – however they always required either an on-premises server or client-side agent. My issue with this was that I didn’t feel there was point utilising a signature management system that only worked for Outlook on the desktop, especially when the drive to the cloud was also leading to an increase in mobility and device variance.

Since that time Exclaimer has released a cloud version of their solution, known as Exclaimer Cloud – Signatures for Office 365. I implemented this for Paradyne and we have enjoyed consistent signatures regardless of what interface we used to create emails – Outlook on the desktop, mobile, or Outlook on the web (aka OWA).

The main oddity is that for years we are so used to seeing our email signature at the bottom of the new email window – whereas after implementing Exclaimer Cloud that was no longer required, so this took a few days of getting used to.

I’ve written a guest blog piece for Exclaimer comparing the management of signatures in Exchange Online vs. Exclaimer Cloud. One of the things that IT Managers will appreciate from this solution is that after they implement Exclaimer Cloud – they can hand off control to HR or marketing to manage it, and ultimately pay for it out of their budgets. 🙂