Microsoft Teams Post COVID – Stories in premature implementation

Last week I had the double privilege of co-presenting again with my wife Megan Strant at TeamsFest.

Combining our experiences over the past 6 or so months, we shared the experiences of a number of organisations that we had been directly or indirectly involved with, covering what went wrong with their deployments and what was done to course-correct.

You can catch the recording of our session here:

Governance & Adoption: making the marriage work

Last week I co-presented with my wife Megan Strant at the Digital Workplace Conference in Sydney, Australia on the topic of governance and adoption in Office 365.

Being a married couple, we were able to use the play on words to show how like a marriage, governance and adoption need to work together at all times.

Often with the organisations we work with, Megan and I will see a disparity between governance and adoption. Often one is more dominant than the other, which leads to an imbalanced working environment.

If governance is too strong or adoption is an afterthought, the resulting user experience is too limiting and becomes difficult to work with; leading to end-user frustration.

If adoption is the focus and governance is not addressed, the platform becomes structurally unsound and leads to user confusion as there is no clarity on what to use when, and how.

Unfortunately the session wasn’t recorded, but you can access our slides here: