365 Unplugged ep 3: Microsoft and the end-user training emails

In episode 3 of 365 Unplugged, Alistair and I discuss the recent furor surrounding the Microsoft end-user training emails. In case you missed it, you can read about it and it’s subsequent retraction in this article by Mary Jo Foley: https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-were-halting-office-365-email-tips-plan-after-user-flak/

I’ve had a number of discussions with people over the past week about this, some of which I was in complete agreement with and some where we weren’t on the same page.

Check out the discussion between Al and myself:

Webinar on governance and compliance for education institutions using Microsoft Teams

While conducting research recently for the eBook I recently wrote for AvePoint as well as talking to education institutions on Office 365 as part of my day-to-day job, I became concerned by the lack of knowledge around Microsoft Teams as well as the amount of questions they had specifically around governance and compliance.

What do I mean when I refer to governance and compliance, as they can mean different things to different people?

From a governance perspective, I mean specifically control and management of the platform and its associated services & components. As Microsoft Teams sits on top of Office 365, which in turn connects to Azure Active Directory, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Planner – governance needs to stretch across these uniformly.

As for compliance; this is more around student safety. In a world where cyberbullying is a thing and the amount of incidents that don’t get reported, we need to rely more and more on services to help us by identifying and warning us of digital behaviours and actions that are of concern.

I believe that the two of these go hand-in-hand, in that doesn’t make sense to have a great provisioning and management system in place for Microsoft Teams when conversations are uncontrolled and issues can only be discovered after the fact. The same goes in reverse; you can observe and report on conversations if the platform itself is a mess.

For this reason I’ve put together a webinar in conjunction with Microsoft, AvePoint and Wiretap to explain the challenges and how they can be addresses; for considerably less than a single school incident. I encourage you to register here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/governance-compliance-for-microsoft-teams-in-education-tickets-49980174046