365 Unplugged ep 3: Microsoft and the end-user training emails

In episode 3 of 365 Unplugged, Alistair and I discuss the recent furor surrounding the Microsoft end-user training emails. In case you missed it, you can read about it and it’s subsequent retraction in this article by Mary Jo Foley: https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-were-halting-office-365-email-tips-plan-after-user-flak/

I’ve had a number of discussions with people over the past week about this, some of which I was in complete agreement with and some where we weren’t on the same page.

Check out the discussion between Al and myself:

Should end users be able to create Office 365 Groups?

Last week while attending the MVP Summit at Microsoft HQ in Redmond, a group of us were given the opportunity to film a debate in the Microsoft Production Studios – where they create all their official broadcast-grade content.

The topic was around whether end users should be able to create Office 365 Groups, or whether this should be controlled by IT. The creation of Groups extends to and impacts a whole number of Office 365 apps and services, and can be a crucial component in the success of Office 365 in any organisation.

The whole debate is 30 minutes long, with some fantastic points raised by some very smart people for both sides of the argument. Check it out!